Devin was born, raised, and educated in California. He studied anthropology and documentary filmmaking at UCLA, spent a few years in Los Angeles making behind-the-scenes featurettes for low-budget films, then moved to Boston to pursue his true passion: drinking (that’s a joke, really).

Devin currently works as a multimedia producer for Boston University, creating video content for BU Today, Bostonia Online, and bu.edu. To date, BU has sent him to five different continents to make videos (okay, one of those continents was North America, but still!). Some evidence of this can be found in the video section of this site.

Since moving to Boston, Devin has been swept up in the craft cocktail Renaissance. Consequently, he spends a lot of time in bars talking about—and drinking—cocktails. He spends a little time tinkering in his kitchen with them as well. Part of the raison d’être of this website is to provide a forum for his thoughts on the subject, which can be found in the blog section.

Feel free to email Devin at devhahn [at] gmail [dot] com and to follow him on Twitter.

Acknowledgments: Devin Hahn would like to thank Kelly Haigh for her help in navigating WordPress (and the English language), Melody Ko for taking that totally bitchin’ picture of him in the middle of a dormant volcano in New Zealand, Fred and Bari for reading, Lauren Clark for making it look so easy, and all the Boston bartenders out there for inspiring him to drink and write.